Work Packaging Planning & Integration

Our service consists of organizing workshops with the project teams to finalize the packages structure, the associated plan and the integration of all  related activities. The goal is to align the team
with the constraints and risks associated with the project delivery strategy and its associated work packages and activities. Our workshop agenda is structured as follows:

Work Package Planning:

Refine the plan for each work package including but not limited to: 

  • Finalizing the scope, battery limit, deliverables and responsibilities

  • Define all of the key activities required to execute the work packages to be included in the schedule

  • Recast the CAPEX estimate into package budget.  

  • Define budget man hours to execute the package 

Work package integration

This consists of integrating the defined work packages to form a single coherent network of activities to schedule the execution of the entire project. This will include the following elements:

  • The sequence for completing each work package and the linkage between work packages in support of building the schedule.

  • ​Key dependencies between work packages

  • Key external milestone events that must occur in order for the project to be​ completed (inputs, reviews, approvals, permitting, etc.). 

  • The key internal milestones that will govern project progress.

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