Sourcing Optimization

E2C Bridge has deep logistics and project supply chain optimization capabilities. Our service approach can help your projects (in particular those with remote site) to consider a global sourcing approach while optimizing the logistics and supply plan. Our sourcing and logistics studies should not only optimize your CAPEX cost but also improve the schedule critical path as well as mitigate all risk factors that could arise from global sourcing and logistics. Our sourcing service includes but not limited to the following study elements:


  • On the basis of the delivery strategy and recommended contracts and packages we perform extended global supply analysis to further refine the packaging and contracting approach. 
  • Assessment of saving opportunities per package or contract

  • Establish initial list of potential suppliers per package or contractors per contract

  • Contact vendors to validate interest and to qualify ability to bid per package

  • Establish short  list of vendors (align with owner preferred list)

  • Develop vendor fact sheet  

  • Develop sourcing business case per package (quote, total landed cost, Risk analysis)

  • Develop business  case for additional cost of sourcing per country (Logistics, expediting, quality surveillance)  

  • Develop detailed sourcing recommendation  and associated report.

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