Project Delivery Strategy

At E2C Bridge, we bring multidisciplinary skills, expertise and methodological approach to assist in defining your project delivery strategy. We consider the several factors influencing the strategy and we create what if scenarios that we evaluate considering cost, schedule, and risks factors in order to facilitate the decision making process and to assist the project leadership in making an informed selection of the right strategy.

Our approach to delivery strategy development considers your Facility or Work Breakdown Structure (FBS, WBS) in the context of three strategic options: the construction strategy, the procurement strategy and the engineering strategy. For each of these options we subdivide the work into packages considering different factors including location, available skills, available fabrication capacity, materials cost, and logistics constraints. Engineering strategy should be aligned to suit construction and procurement strategic considerations. 

In addition we explore options for business contracting from EPCM through EPC to owner self-managed approach as well as considerations for stick building versus modularization or off shore fabrication.  

Our strategy development approach follows a methodical review & alignment process using a responsibilities matrix that breaks contracting possibilities on the basis of the WBS and the project key milestones responsibility including but not limited to  basic and detail engineering, bidding, purchasing, expediting, logistics, site materials management, construction and commissioning. 

Finally, we work with your project teams to establish and to execute a such strategy development process. In addition, we engage your project portfolio team to create or to leverage horizontal contracting framework agreement to be considered as a basis for a individual project delivery strategy. 

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