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Dr Yasser Alkazzaz is Founder & CEO at E2C Bridge. He has over 26 years of leadership experience in both capital projects & industrial operations environments. Previously he was global director at Hatch engineering consulting and project implementation and held executive and management consulting positions in USA and Europe at PWC's PRTM, i2 Technologies and ORTEMS a company he co-founded in Europe on the basis of his PhD research  in the area of manufacturing control planning and scheduling.

Dr Alkazzaz passion is about solving complex industry and business problem by applying innovation in technology and process methodology including best practice transfer in between industries. He has several contributions in both academic  and  industry arenas. 

Dr Alkazzaz holds  a PhD in Industrial control applied to manufacturing planning and scheduling and two masters in industrial engineering and systems & Process control

About the author

Optimizing Project Delivery- With Advanced Planning and Controls 

This paper discusses capital projects challenges and opportunities and proposes an innovative approach to improve project delivery performance by more effective planning and controls solutions and services.  This approach represents the industry first service offering that effectively integrates project planning, scheduling, budgeting, procurement & materials management into one stop shop, on demand managed services. 
The approach is differentiated from current practices by 

  • The application of lean principles;
  • The integration of schedule activities with material elements in order  to improve planning and controls accuracy; and
  • The linkage of schedule activity with the 3D design to produce 4D visualization,, simulation and controls mechanisms that dramatically improve project alignment and coordination.​