Prefabrication & Modularization 

Prefabrication of project equipment and materials including pre-assembly and modules can have a significant positive impact on the field labor requirements, project cost, and performance.

As per the delivery strategy, our service provides additional analysis to determine the optimum extent of prefabrication and modularization. The effort begins with route surveys to determine upgrading requirements and module limitations, both size and weight. There are other factors that may contribute to the analysis and decision for extensive prefabrication and modularization including:

  • High field labor cost 
  • Remote jobsite location.
  • Restricted labor supply
  • Limited jobsite space or facilities
  • Weather limitation on transportation and/or construction.
  • Operating safety restriction.
  • Schedule.​

Our analysis includes an evaluation of the total cost and schedule impact on the project as well as performance, risk, and socioeconomic issues.
Various scenarios for contractors and fabricators responsibilities will have different impacts on cost, schedule, and performance. Thus ​depending on project complexity, sometime we recommend the use of decision/modeling tool to evaluate a project’s suitability for prefabrication & modularization. 

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