Managed Services Contractors 

E2C Bridge managed services are delivered on demand, off shore and remotely from project offices or sites. This approach allows us to leverage individuals and even company-based contractors to staff projects under our management. This is a win win business relationship that we entertain with our network of trusted contractors or associates.  

E2C Bridge attracts, recruits, trains and assigns, to projects under management, individuals and companies any where in the world with the following skills and expertise:

Project Management

  • Project managers (Senior, Junior)
  • Project coordinators
  • Project Planners

Project Controls

  • Project Controls Managers
  • Project Estimators
  • Project schedulers
  • Project cost controllers
Procurement & Materials Management
  • Project Materials managers
  • Project procurement managers
  • Purchasers 
  • Contract adiministrators 
  • Expediters 
  • Logistics coordinators and logistics SME
  • Supplier Quality Managers and Quality Inspectors
  • Materials coordinators