Project Logistics Study & Optimization

E2C Bridge has deep logistics and project supply chain optimization capabilities. Our service approach can help your projects (in particular those with remote site) to consider a global sourcing approach while optimizing the logistics and supply plan. Our sourcing and logistics studies should not only optimize your CAPEX cost but also improve the schedule critical path as well as mitigate all risk factors that could arise from global sourcing and logistics. Our service scope addresses multiples topics depending on the specificity of your projects. This includes but limited to the following studies elements:

  • Remoteness of job sites
  • Locations of in-transit fabrication facilities as applicable
  • Sensitivity of cargo
  • Routings, carriers, transit schedules, and transportation services available
  • Freight Forwarder(s), Export Packer(s), and Freight Consolidator(s)
  • Port conditions and other destination conditions
  • Local customs formalities
  • Potential for use of bonded customs yard
  • Inland transportation (port of entry to jobsite)
  • Limitations on size and weight of loads
  • Availability of transportation equipment
  • Intermediate control points
  • Insurance

We perform different detailed studies to address the logistics planning needs of a project:

Transportation & Logistics survey

  • Routes & Site Survey

  • Develop acceptable shipping criteria per route (mode, volume, size, etc.) 

  • Regulations and permit requirements

  • Special transportation equipment

  • Weight and load limitations​

Lead Logistics & Logistics Engineering 

  • Transportation agreements Local Traffic and Transportation Constraints, Community Relations, and Customs Officials

  • Routing Guide, Courier Service

  • Site Logistics study

  • Special Load Study

  • Exports  & International Trade 

  • Hazardous Materials Shipment


​Shipment Strategy & Logistics Optimization 

We used advanced transportation modeling and what if scenario analysis to simulate the project global supply network and to define the right logistics strategy including:

  • Determination of the right storage/shipping strategy that optimizes the cost, respect the schedule, reduces the risks and satisfy the materials storage and preservation requirements

  • Alignment of all transportation and logistics resources at the site and globally with the right shipment strategy.

Project Managed Services

Consulting Services

E2C Bridge Business Services Cove​r All Project Phases From​ Inception Through Completion ​