At E2C Bridge, we have significant experience in industrial management, manufacturing operations and capital construction based projects. 

This unique position makes us privileged to transfer proven lean practices from industrial operations environment into the construction industry. 

We believe there is a significant opportunity in optimizing projects delivery performance by simple application of the following principles:

Proactive and Impartial Controls

  • Redefining project controls from passively monitoring results to proactively influencing and ensuring predictable project outcomes. 

  • Redefining project controls from being a partial party of projects engineering and construction teams to an impartial party focusing on optimizingthe owner return of capital expenditure 

Global Optimization versus Local Optimization

  • Redefining performance improvement by maximizing value and minimizing waste at the project level versus locally optimizing each individual activity. 
  • Refocus delivery performance in defining, creating and delivering value to the owner throughout the life of the project versus providing service for fee responding to client requirements that, we all know, are not optimized given the changing markets, technology and business practices.

Concurrent Engineering (Construction Driven)

  • Redefining Project Delivery from sequential engineering and construction to simultaneous design of the facility and its construction process. The practice of engineering with constructability reviews, is a sequential process and  unable to prevent wasteful iterations.

Pull versus Push Decentralized Coordinated Approach

  • Coordinating action through pulling and continuous flow as opposed to traditional, central authority  driven push
  • Decentralizing decision making through transparency and empowerment by providing project participants with information on the state of projects and empowering them to take action.