Applying "Production Based" Management & Lean Principles

Into Capital Projects

Dr Yasser Alkazzaz is an accomplished executive with over 26 years of leadership & experience in both capital projects & industrial operations environments. After 20 years of successful experience in improving manufacturing and supply chain operations, Dr Alkazzaz moved into capital projects industry with the believe there exists significant opportunity for improving projects performance by transferring relevant proven practices, skills and capabilities from manufacturing into capital projects particularly by applying “production-based” advanced planning & scheduling with lean principles to design, procure and construction.

Dr Yasser Alkazzaz spent the last 5 years at HATCH Engineering Consulting and Project Implementation, a leader in the Mining & Metal sector, where he worked and spearheaded global practices for projects management systems & solutions and materials management. Also, he provided consulting services to multiple mega construction projects across the globe assisting them with problem solving, process and performance improvement and implementation oriented services including project set up, project controls, engineering data management, materials & procurement management and construction management. 

Dr Yasser Alkazzaz founded E2C Bridge, a dedicated and independent project planning, project controls, procurement and materials management services company, to address the industry sub-optimal capital projects performance and to provide an impartial services to  owners operators and investors independently from engineering and construction contractors companies.


Dr Yasser Alkazzaz career is rooted in advanced systems and process controls, optimization, advanced planning & scheduling with extensive applications to manufacturing supply chain, heavy industrial engineering, and project based equipment engineering and production. In 1989, He was a pioneer in applying technologies to solve complex manufacturing planning and scheduling problems as he co-founded ORTEMS (Manufacturing Planning & Scheduling Solutions) on the basis of transferring his PhD research to the industry. ORTEMS grew to leading position in the European market and still is used very widely in the manufacturing industry to reduce lead time, increase throughput, reduce landed cost and improve on time delivery. 

Dr Alkazzaz believes that there is a significant opportunity to improve capital projects outcomes by the application of advanced planning and scheduling techniques. 20 years back, those techniques have created a revolution in the manufacturing industry by the "concurrent" integration of time, resources and bill of materials into the scheduling approach. Additionally, as plant simulation models were used in manufacturing for dynamic scheduling and advanced visualization of bottleneck, Dr Alkazzaz believes that the integration of project schedule with the 3D model to provide 4D views of the project status and progress forecast could lead to significant improvement in project communication, alignment and of course performance. 


Grenoble (France), Institut National Polytechnique, - PhD Advanced Controls, Planning & Scheduling - Master of Eng System & Process ControlParis (France), Ecole Nationale Superieur De Techniques Avancees (ENSTA)- Master of Eng., Industrial Engineering

Dr Yasser Alkazzaz

Founder & CEO