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Capital Projects are challenged by not Being Delivered  on budget and on schedule

Capital projects specifically engineering and construction are severely suffering from not being delivered on time and on budget. Industry surveys indicate63% of projects are delivered over budget and 75% are behind schedule. This represents hundreds of billions dollars of value leaks and inefficiency across industries. 

This situation is not necessarily related to poor engineering design or construction issues but more to an indication of an industry lacking robust approach to plan and to control effectively projects delivery. Scheduling, budgeting, procurement, contracting and materials management are bridging functions in transforming engineering design into successful construction but yet these functions are executed on addhoc basis, not robustly integrated and often biased by engineering or construction power or partiality and sometime against owners or investors interests.

E2C Bridge is the industry first provider of project managed services that effectively integrates project planning, scheduling, budget control, procurement & materials management into one stop shop, on demand services.  Our approach is differentiated from current practices by  

  • The application of manufacturing-based lean principles on capital projects. 
  • The integration of schedule activities with materials elements in order  to improve planning and control accuracy 
  • The linkage of schedule activity with 3D design to produce 4D visualization and controls that dramatically improves project alignment and coordination.  

We believe our approach could produce significant value to owners and investors by reducing cash flow requirements; budget overruns and project cycle time while improving ROI and overall project productivity.