Change Management 

Our project controls team applies specific process and methodology during project execution to track and trace both trends and changes from project controls baselines. We systematically forecast the impact of trends and changes and we ensure systematic and timely communication to project stakeholders. In addition, we educate and train all project teams on the process of change management to ensure they can identify and raise trends and changes on the soonest time.  

Our approach addresses the following elements of change management

  • Formalize change process to ensure ONLY properly authorized changes are implemented.
  • Maintain a change register.
  • Establish explicit accountability/responsibility in managing  trend and change.
  • Expedite change decisions to reduce uncertainty.
  • Implement systems to identify potential changes & trends early.
  • Rigorously trend potential deviations (trends) from established quantity, cost & schedule baselines.
  • Ensure trends are included in the cost & schedule current forecast
  • Make changes & trends a topic of progress meetings and finish every meeting by asking if any trends should be raised to address decisions made in the meeting.​

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