E2C Bridge Market Launch ANNOUNCEMENT

E2C Bridge announces its launch to market and unveils its capital projects delivery optimization service offering and its advanced planning & controls approach that dramatically improves project performance and ensures on time and on budget delivery. 


Irving, TX January 10, 2014

E2C Bridge is pleased to announce its market launch and the availability of its project consulting and project delivery managed services. E2C Bridge is the first in its kind to bridge engineering with construction by effectively integrating project planning & controls, procurement and material management into “One Stop-Shop” project consulting and project delivery service offering. Capital projects are severely suffering from not being delivered on time and on budgetIndustry surveys indicate 63% of projects are delivered over budget and 75% are behind schedule. This situation is not necessarily related to engineering design or construction issues, but more to a sub-optimal approach to plan and control effectively projects delivery, " said Dr Yasser Alkazzaz, founder and CEO of E2C Bridge,

Scheduling, budgeting, contracting, procurement, and materials management are bridging functions in transforming engineering design into successful construction, but yet, these functions are executed on ad-hoc basis, not robustly integrated and often biased by engineering or construction contractors’ power and/or partiality, "Dr Alkazzaz said.

E2C Bridge is a dedicated and independent project planning, project controls, procurement and materials management consulting and managed services company. It aims to address the industry lacking project performance and to provide an impartial service to capital projects that is focused on achieving schedule and cost performance for owners and investors.

This differentiated approach, of seamlessly integrating project controls, procurement and materials management under one service offering, represents the most effective way for these functions to influence proactively project cost and schedule performances. The silo-based approach is ineffective and makes these functions only and passively monitoring bad performance without real and effective impact on the course of action, "Dr Alkazzaz commented.

Additionally E2C Bridge leverages significant opportunity for improving capital projects performance by transferring relevant and proven practices from manufacturing into capital projects particularly by applying “production/MRP-based” advanced planning & scheduling & lean principles to design, procure and construct. E2C bridge approach is designed to make this industry transfer happens and to redefine capital projects planning and controls."Dr Alkazzaz concluded